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In God of Fire, Book One of the Inferno 2033 saga, a fascist shadow organization takes over the United States government, imprisoning all enemies in giant penitentiary ships far out to sea. The most notorious of these ships is Inferno, where disgraced former Special Forces operative Sands Simon vows to bring down the man who put him there–and maybe save the world from nuclear war. Co-written with Allan J. Walsh and none other than my wife Sherry. Available now in print and on Kindle. See our fantastic book trailer at www.inferno-2033.com!


Written with my wife Sherry, “The Wait” is a short story about an African American family that takes a road trip out West in the summer of 1972, just four years after the assassination of Martin Luther King. An encounter with two belligerent “cowboys” in Texas exposes not only the racial divisions of the time, but divisions within the family. Available exclusively on Kindle. All proceeds will be donated to support adult literacy.


Janus is a twisted tale of murder about a frustrated academic who plots to “steal” the seemingly ideal life of his identical twin brother. It’s the perfect murder–until everything goes wrong. A short story available exclusively on Kindle.

Gumshoe, a hardboiled mystery novel about a Hollywood PI sentenced to the electric chair for a murder he didn’t, or thinks he didn’t–at least he’s pretty sure he didn’t–commit. Find it on Amazon in print or on Kindle.




Co-written and executive produced with my wife, Sherry, the title says it all. Stars Maria Bello and Stephen Dorff, available on Netflix and airs frequently on CBS and Lifetime.

Available on Amazon.


Inferno-2033 – Book Two: Perdition


Book Two of the apocalyptic Sci-fi thriller in which corrupt government leaders maintain order by locking up everyone they hate–or fear–on massive prison ships that operate in secret, far out to sea. In Perdition, Sands teams up with a band of terrified teenagers–the ragtag tech geeks of the prison ship Inferno–who have been left behind to fend for themselves as the world teeters on the brink of nuclear war.

Check out the trailer at www.inferno-2033.com.

POEM – Lamentations

On a MUCH more serious note, here’s a Bible-inspired poem I wrote a few years ago after the Trayvon Martin shooting that is, sadly, still very relevant.


And here’s a little bonus poem:

The Invisible Hand


The Flying Man

Story of a man with a magical power and the effect he has on a broken family.

John Hits the Ball

Flash fiction about a single, emotionally charged play in a little league baseball game. 632 words–one sentence!

Structure, Sign, and Squeezeplay

A satirical take on baseball and deconstructionism. Attention Derrida fans!

Good Use

The strange tale of a family patriarch who turns to stone.




Three Early Stories represents the first “new” publication by J.D. Salinger in over fifty years. This illustrated volume contains three of his uncollected short stories from the 1940s, including his first, and provides great insight into the early development of one of the most beloved writers of the 20th century. I wrote the introduction, biography, and study questions for the scholastic edition. For the non-academically inclined, the original edition, with only the stories, is also available.


The Awakening is Kate Chopin’s landmark novel of a young woman’s rebellion against societal norms in 19th century Louisiana. Co-edited with my wife, Sherry, this edition contains notes, study questions, a biographical timeline, and afterword specially designed for today’s high school and college students.


The New Encyclopedia of Southern Culture: Media

A very cool reference book on the South, as represented in film, TV, radio, and other mass media.  My articles are on Stephen Colbert, Ken Burns’ documentary series The Civil War, The Civil War in Film, and John Grisham movies, but there is much, much more. If you are interested in the South and its portrayal in the media, I highly recommend it.


Seinfeld Series Finale: “It’s Jerry’s Wonderful Life”

Okay, I was a big “Seinfeld” fan, and I found the series finale somewhat disappointing. So what did I do? I wrote my own. I got nothing out of it, except for the satisfaction of writing what I think turned out to be a pretty funny script. Judge for yourself.


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