Gumshoe–Kindle Book Awards Finalist!

ctzsi_rwgae_wvb Get Gumshoe on Kindle

Gumshoe has just been named a finalist in the 2016 Kindle Book Awards!

Nothing focuses the mind like being strapped to the electric chair.

When an old flame steps out of the past to hire private eye Ellis York to find her missing millionaire boyfriend, he thinks it’s easy money. Mysterious threats, deadly dames, and hired guns don’t faze him. But when his quarry turns up dead, it’s York in the hot seat. It’s a situation that could only happen in a Hollywood movie, but as his last seconds tick away, York realizes he can’t wisecrack his way out of this one.

Then he gets a 10,000 volt brainstorm…

Gumshoe is a fast-paced thriller that plays out against a nightmare landscape of 1940s Hollywood. If you love old movies and classic detective yarns, this book was written just for you. Get it on Amazon in print or Kindle.

Ike2 Ten percent of all earnings from this book go to animal rescue!

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