Top 10: This Crazy Day in Presidential Politics

Happy Red Haired Freckled Boy With Missing Front Teeth, Laughing Retro Clipart Illustration Here at IkeandMikeBlog, we don’t usually get overtly political, but this especially crazy day, in this especially crazy political season, just cries out for comment. How crazy has it been? Let us count the ways:

1. As President Obama was in Israel eulogizing Nobel Prize winner Shimon Peres, Republican nominee Donald Trump was tweeting for people to check out a sex tape of a former Miss Universe.

2. That tape has not yet surfaced; however, Buzzfeed has uncovered a Playboy porn video in which Donald Trump has a cameo.

3. Libertarian Vice Presidential candidate William Weld told reporters that Hillary Clinton is more qualified to be Commander in Chief than his own running mate, Gary Johnson–“or any other candidate.”

4. Weld also suggested he might drop out of the race, because he “doesn’t want to be a Ralph Nader.”

5. The day after overwhelmingly overriding the President’s veto of the 9/11 victim’s bill, senators were overcome today with panic at the bill’s potential negative consequences. Mitch McConnell blames Obama for not telling them sooner what was wrong with their own bill.

6. A day after the USA TODAY issued its unprecedented un-endorsement of Donald Trump, The San Diego Union-Tribune broke with its 148 year history of Republican support to endorse Democrat Hillary Clinton. Since the primaries, Clinton has received endorsements from over 80 daily newspapers. Trump has received none.

7. A day after Newsweek broke its story on Trump’s alleged illegal business activities in Cuba, the magazine’s website was shut down by Russian hackers. Or maybe it was a 400-pound guy on a sofa.

8. The Commission on Presidential Debates confirmed that Donald Trump’s seemingly lame excuse of a malfunctioning microphone at the first debate was…legitimate!

9. In video of an unprecedented deposition in a civil suit involving a presidential candidate, Donald Trump was asked what his “brand” was worth. He answered that he didn’t know, and “I don’t want to know.”

10. From the hatch of Air Force One, President Obama repeatedly yelled at former President Bill Clinton, who was dawdling on the tarmac: “Bill, let’s go! I need to get home!”

 Ike2 Only thirty-eight days until Election Day on November 8th. Hang in there, America!

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